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Throwback Thursday:

Karl Schappeler adds alumni casualties of the Vietnam War to Princeton University’s Nassau Hall Memorial Atrium, August 1974. Photo by Marie E. Bellis.

Historical Photograph Collection, Grounds and Buildings Series (AC111), Box AD10, Image No. 9452.

princetonarchives:On January 10, 1967, Princeton’s Draft…


On January 10, 1967, Princeton’s Draft Information Office opened. It helped students understand what options they had to avoid fighting in the Vietnam War. The “Counterdraft” newsletter was one of the resources available there.

princetonarchives: Throwback Thursday: Princeton University…


Throwback Thursday: Princeton University students protest the expansion of the Vietnam War into Cambodia, 1970.

Historical Photograph Collection, Campus Life Series (AC112), Box MP95, Image No. 1942