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Ho Chi Minh had been appealing to the west for decades before falling firmly in the communist side. He was present at the WW1 peace accords and worked with the allies in the second world war.

I think he was well aligned with socialists and communists in France during WWI. He appealed directly to Wilson in a letter but never received a response, if I remember correctly.

His cooperation with the Allied powers in WWII is an interesting case and is similar in function to the reasoning behind US involvement after the war. That is to say the common enemy was the Japanese at the time. The US was willing to help those movements fighting the Japanese, even if they were communist. I think Ho Chi Minh believed, once again, that the US would make good on their promises of self determination for all peoples. (See the Atlantic Charter)

I doubt he would have worked with the Allies if that meant direct cooperation with the French. 

Any of the tags related to the Tet Offensive. It was a pivotal part of the Vietnam War and I find it very interesting.

It definitely was. Have you read any of the recent books that came out about it?