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easter offensive?

Certainly. I’ll try to get that worked up by the end of the month to post on the date the offensive started.

Anybody remember May 25, 1968 battle on FB 29 Outside Dak To. I was with A/1/8/4th INF. Dont know how to set up act

There aren’t a ton of veterans here but maybe someone will see this.

Also, I know this is for Charlie Company, but perhaps this website will lead you to some contacts:

There was (and maybe still is) an organization for A/1/8/4th Inf but their website is no longer up and running. I really hope the above link helps you out. 

You can also email me with contact information in the event anyone replies to this:

Looking for story about soldier Robert Dean Crum who was called “White Ghost” by Vietnamese when we captured one of their machine guns that is shown somewhere in Washington today. Looking for his family. Robert Dean is in ill health today.

I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of him and a Google search revealed nothing.

What were people in this Era called?

Pretty sure they were called people, just like they are now.

Looking for pictures of Brown Water Navy Mekong Delta 1967-1968 9th Infantry Division

While I can’t pull out those specific years and location from prior posts, I encourage you to browse the tag #9th Infantry Division.

I’ll try to include some relevant pictures in the future.

My husband was in Viet Nam 1962-63. Why is there nothing about this time period? He was assigned to Can Tho airstrip. Thanks

There is some under the tags #1962 and #1963.

In general, there is much less available about this time period simply because there were less American troops present in Vietnam. I do try to incorporate from the earlier advisory period when possible.

I would like to use your photos of Charlton Heston visiting the wounded. Im working on a video for Arkansas Education Televison Network (a PBS affiliate) and need these photos . Are they fair use? Can we use them?

I do not own those pictures, nor any others of the Vietnam era posted on this blog. Sadly, it seems as though the link to the original source no longer works and so I am unable to give you any information about who to contact.

Have you found much on the 17th Cav?

Some, but not terribly much. Currently only one post in the tag: #17th Cavalry Regiment. I’ll try to get some more up.

could I use your 12th evac pictures for a video i am making. I interview Kenneth Lucas a former hospital admin. at that hospital during Vietnam.

I do not own any of the Vietnam era pictures posted here. You will have to follow the source link on the post, which should be located beneath the photo along with the date and time it was posted.

Not a question, just a thanks for doing all the work you do. I notice sometimes you get some, eh, interesting people who ask questions and/or assert certain opinions, and you do a great job of answering.

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy the blog. These types of messages always seem to come when I’m having a down moment, which makes them all the more special.

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