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Last one I promise! I am very happy to hear that it was at least interesting to learn about. Can’t wait to find it published. Yeah I don’t want to think about a Thesis yet it sound like hell but I luckily still have a slither of time. Thank you for responding – it was very quick. We all appreciate it! 🎈

Oh it won’t be published. It’s just undergrad. 

Thanks for your messages! <3

Hey. Thank you so much. I did not expect an actual answer ( i know it sound silly but…) That is really amazing. Congrats on almost finishing your degree it is no easy task. That is a really interesting Thesis topic – I hope you enjoyed it! All of the best 🎈

I enjoy learning about it! The process of actually writing my thesis is somewhat less enjoyable as I’m sure most would agree.

Sometimes I take a while to answer asks but I do get to them eventually.

Hey Man. I’m just curious (please excuse if this is to personal then don’t answe) What is your senior thesis on. What year are you at Uni. Great blog by the way. Thank you. Good luck and enjoy the rest of your day. 🎈

I’m in my last semester at school actually, so I’ll be graduating in December.

My thesis is, broadly, on British reactions to American policy in Vietnam.

To the other anon: LGBT+ servicemembers’ stories are also part of history.

It’s ALL history. One part cannot be divorced from another simply because it makes you uncomfortable.

I’d kind of like to learn about history, and the Vietnam War in general. Why does sexuality have to be dragged into it? I’m not here to learn about sexuality. I’m here for the history. Guess I’ll unfollow.

I wrote an entire post answering this question: On why telling the stories of LGBT+ service members is important.

No one is teaching you about sexuality here. This is about the contributions of different people, in this case LGBT+ veterans. 

my favorite tags are any of the ones with personnel. I really like seeing the literal human side of the conflict :)

The human side of it is where my interest started. Thanks for the feedback!!

Have you seen the Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary series? Totally changed my perspective on the war.

I’ve watched most of it, yes. I think it’s a good representation of the war for public consumption that introduces new information for a lot of people.

What would say are the main factors shaping veterans experiences upon their return home?

This sounds like a question from your homework assignment. I’m not here to do your homework and, in fact, I have plenty of my own homework to do.

Please add to nonfiction book list: Donovan, Stephen H. Long Daze at Long Binh: The humorous adventures of two Wisconsin draftees trained as combat medics and sent off to set up a field hospital in South Vietnam

There are a lot of books that I plan to add to the booklist, but it might be a while before I get to it. Long Daze at Long Binh will be there eventually.

Hi, I’m covering Vietnam for my History A Level Coursework and I’m struggling to find primary sources. Would it be possible for you to point me in the right direction?

Absolutely. Are you covering Vietnam more broadly or a specific facet of the war? Would you prefer online sources or document collections in books?

If you have Tumblr, you can message me directly, or email me for a faster reply:

In the meantime you might want to start here: Remembering Vietnam: Online Exhibit.