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How old are you !

I’m 27.

How common was the erdl camo pattern in Vietnam? Specifically helmet covers

I honestly have no idea. If anyone who is more interested in gear knows the answer, please drop a line!

Would you be able to possibly do some posts about SOG units, and distinguished member of said units?

Sure. Check out previous posts under #SOG.

I’m actually in the middle of reading The Secret War Against Hanoi which is about the foundation and operations of SOG.

Request: Images of interesting objects and artifacts that soldiers brought home as souvenirs.

Oooh that’s a good one! I’m not sure I’ve ever posted that before. I’ll try to make sure it has a tag for future reference. Keep an eye out for posts!

27th infantry 25th division Wolfhounds is anyone out there that knows someone still alive that was over there in 1966

There’s not a ton of Vietnam vets here, but try They are the only active site for the Wolfhounds that I’ve found, and have a reunion planned this summer. Good luck!

199th Light Infantry Brigade1967-1968 Battles Zones. Researching my father’s tour of duties.

Here’s a good place to start.

Could we get more Australian content if possible?

For sure, don’t forget to check the #Australia tag for previous posts as well.

easter offensive?

Certainly. I’ll try to get that worked up by the end of the month to post on the date the offensive started.

Anybody remember May 25, 1968 battle on FB 29 Outside Dak To. I was with A/1/8/4th INF. Dont know how to set up act

There aren’t a ton of veterans here but maybe someone will see this.

Also, I know this is for Charlie Company, but perhaps this website will lead you to some contacts:

There was (and maybe still is) an organization for A/1/8/4th Inf but their website is no longer up and running. I really hope the above link helps you out. 

You can also email me with contact information in the event anyone replies to this:

Looking for story about soldier Robert Dean Crum who was called “White Ghost” by Vietnamese when we captured one of their machine guns that is shown somewhere in Washington today. Looking for his family. Robert Dean is in ill health today.

I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of him and a Google search revealed nothing.