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Hi, I’m covering Vietnam for my History A Level Coursework and I’m struggling to find primary sources. Would it be possible for you to point me in the right direction?

Absolutely. Are you covering Vietnam more broadly or a specific facet of the war? Would you prefer online sources or document collections in books?

If you have Tumblr, you can message me directly, or email me for a faster reply:

In the meantime you might want to start here: Remembering Vietnam: Online Exhibit.

UFO reports During the Vietnam War ?

I’m sure there were plenty of unidentified flying objects during the war, seeing as there was a lot of activity in the air. Feel free to Google “UFO Vietnam War” to read all the conspiracies you would like.

pics of 82nd in nam?

Sure. I have a couple sources of pics for the 82nd. Check out previous posts here: #82nd Airborne Division.

Any Info on ROK Units, that served in the Vietnam War

Check out this post from a couple months ago

Any Info on , Shriver, Jerry Michael, MSG with MACV-SOG

Check out the following:

MSG Jerry Shriver served three years in Vietnam. He went MIA on 24 April 1969. There was later a presumptive declaration of death. His body has never been recovered.

You ever play Rising Storm 2 at all? Probably the only game ever where the ANZAC get represented

Isn’t it only multiplayer? Not really my thing, though I’ve watch a couple people play it.

Do you have any lesser known fiction/movies to recommend about the Vietnam War? Maybe something from a Vietnamese perspective?

For fiction from the perspective of North Vietnamese, check out this post: Let’s Talk Books (8).

I’ve heard really good things about The Sympathizer and The Refugees by Viet Thanh Nguyen. Both are on my wishlist.

I don’t read much fiction about the war though, I’ll admit. The ones I have read are the big names, like The Things They Carried. I wouldn’t feel comfortable actually “recommending” books or even movies if I haven’t read or seen them myself. 

That being said I do like checking out Goodreads lists. This is one on Popular Vietnam War Fiction.

For lesser known films, I haven’t seen any from a Vietnamese perspective but I did enjoy Rescue Dawn and Tigerland. Wikipedia also has a list of the Vietnam War in Film.

I was also asked about movies several years ago and followers replied with a lot of movies (and TV shows) they liked. Check it out.

How can I find about my father’s deployment in Vietnam?????

Best place to start is the National Archives. As the child of a veteran you can request military service records. You do need some information to start this process, but it is a free service.

This article also has some useful tips and resources.

If you currently know your father’s unit, I strongly suggest googling it because many veterans have established websites to meet other veterans they served with and to document their service. They often post pictures.

Can we see som us soldiers with customized gear and customer or personalized weapons like guns and knives?

My apologies for the delay in answering this request.

The most widespread customized gear is definitely helmets and I have a tag for that: #helmet art.

I don’t tag any other specifically customized gear however. I know there are some customized flak vests in the archives, but would require digging through the tag #flak vest. One photo of a US Army sniper features his camouflaged rifle. Another photo displays an M14 with a modified magazine. There are a couple other modified weapons if you “/search/modified” on my blog.

Any info on MACV-SOG ?

My apologies in the delay answering this question.

Previous posts featuring MACV SOG can be found here: #SOG