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American soldier, 1966

American soldier, 1966

US Marine Corps photograph of a Hannukah ceremony, 1966. The…

US Marine Corps photograph of a Hannukah ceremony, 1966. The card reads:

Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW).
Photographer. Lance Corporal (LCpl.) Bill Jackson.
HANNUKAH CANDLES–Chaplain David B. Saltzman lights Hanukkah candles at the Hanukkah celebrations held at HILL-327 USO. Looking on are Seabee Stuart C. Simmons, 23, of Sherman Oaks, California, and Private First Class (Pfc.) Les Kushner, 20, of Great Neck, New York.

cityofbostonarchives: In 1966, Boston’s Mayor Collins…


In 1966, Boston’s Mayor Collins spearheaded an effort to send holiday packages to servicemen in Vietnam.  Though the effort was initiated by the Mayor’s Office, local neighborhood and civic organizations pitched in. The above clipping from the West Roxbury Transcript notes that the Lebanese Syrian Ladies Aid Society, the Kiwanis Club, the American Legion, and other veterans organizations also joined in the efforts.


Bostonians of all ages wrote to the Mayor’s Office to ask that their loved ones be sent a package. Georgetta Mables from Jamaica Plain sent the above letter asking for a package for her older brother.


A family from Dorchester asked for a package for their 19 year old son, writing “We are very grateful for any small token that lets him know that he and his buddies are not forgotten.”


Though many of the requests were for packages for family members, other Bostonians wrote letters on behalf of their friends. The above letter asks for a package to be sent to a young man who did not have living parents. The letter writer wrote, “I doubt he will be receiving many Christmas gifts. I think he is most deserving.”

“Christmas packages for Vietnam,” 1966, Boxes 235 and 236,   Mayor John Collins
records (Collection 0244.001),Boston City Archives

uss-edsall:Photograph of US Soldier Corporal Ralph Nicholls…


Photograph of US Soldier Corporal Ralph Nicholls Searches Jungle for Viet Cong, 1/14/1966. NARA 66956458 

historicalfirearms: M2 & Owen Gun In Action: How Trooper…


M2 & Owen Gun In Action: How Trooper John Carter won the Distinguished Conduct Medal

The evening of the 18th August 1966, saw Trooper (temporary corporal) John Carter or the Royal Australian Armoured Corps win the Distinguished Conduct Medal for bravery. Trooper Carter’s M113A1 Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) was part of a Troop moving forward with reinforcements to assist a company of the 6th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment which was heavily engaged with a large force of North Vietnamese troops. 

As the APCs advanced they came under fire from an enemy 57mm recoilless rifle and intense small arms fire. A 57mm recoilless rifle round just missed Carter’s APC. The citation for Trooper Carter’s medal describes his actions: 

Carter returned the fire using his .50 calibre machine gun [mounted on the roof of the M113A1 APC]. The gun jammed. He then grasped the driver’s Owen Machine Carbine and without hesitation leapt on to the top of his vehicle and returned fire killing the 57 millimetre recoilless rifle team a fraction after another 57 millimetre recoilless rifle round had been fired. This round exploded and dazed the crew and passengers. Corporal Carter still undeterred continued to fire killing five other enemy. 

By his actions Corporal Carter also drew additional fire on to himself enabling the other vehicles of the troop to advance. Through the action which was fought at very close range Corporal Carter showed outstanding courage, initiative and determination. His actions were an inspiration to all his comrades and contributed greatly to the success of the assault by the relief force, the heavy casualties inflicted on the enemy and immediately afterwards, the relief of D Company 6 Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment.


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The London Gazette (Supplement), 28 July 1967, No. 44376, p.8433, (source)

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From the source: “LT Carey trying to warm up on a hill top near…

From the source: “LT Carey trying to warm up on a hill top near Kon Tum.” (Tiger Force, 1966)

1st Medical Battalion, 1st Marine Division, 1966.

1st Medical Battalion, 1st Marine Division, 1966.

US Navy Light Photographic Squadron 62 (VFP-62) Vought F-8…

US Navy Light Photographic Squadron 62 (VFP-62) Vought F-8 Crusader on the deck of the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1966.

From the source:

[The following from Cdr. Norm Green gives more information on the above photo.] “Close inspection of the photo reveals that the aircraft has flown 25 combat missions when the picture was taken; it was pretty busy since we had only flown missions on about 23 days at that point. Using Russian math and some guesswork I would guess that the picture was taken on perhaps the 4th or the 5th of Sept, I flew that aircraft both Days. At first I thought that it might have been the 6th of Sept, the day Norm Bundy crashed in that aircraft; but I doubt that because of the light ripples in the water. There was no wind on the 6th of Sept, the Gulf of Tonkin was as smooth as glass. I remember that the cat officers could only give us 5-6 knots above stall speed that day. The Rosy had all boilers on line and was pulling her guts out. Amazing, sometimes I struggle to remember my street number but remember things from 48 years ago.”

More information about LTJG Norman Bundy available at The Virtual Wall.

“Camp Holloway Field Exchange” [1966]

“Camp Holloway Field Exchange” [1966]

Camp Carroll from the air, date unknown.From Where We Were in…

Camp Carroll from the air, date unknown.

From Where We Were in Vietnam:

Camp Carroll, a.k.a. Artillery Plateau, Camp J.J. Carroll and FSB Tan Lam. S of QL-9, apx 1 km SW peak Nui Kiem (Hill 250), 7 km SW Cam Lo, 5 km NW Mai Loc, 8 km E to ESE the Rockpile, 26 km W to WNW Quang Tri. Originally named Artillery Plateau, but renamed 10Nov66, to honor Capt. James J. Carooll, USMC, CO K/3d/4th Marines, KIA 27Sep66 by friendly fire (improperly registered tank rounds) on Hill 400 while he was directing fire support for attack on Hill 484. By [Operation] Lam Son 719, was under ARVN control as FSB Tan Lam (2d ARVN Inf Rgt)… 12th Marine Arty ‘67, including four-155s, sic-105s here and then, in late Sep67, four-175s of Army’s 6th/27th Arty were added for long range support of Khe Sanh (175mm total later increase to six tubes).