hey, Im trying to do some research on the 101st Airborne’s infamous Tiger Force unit. I already read the book by Michael Sallah & Mitch Weiss, but was wondering if you knew of anymore books or sources on the unit that I could look into. thanks, love your work

There’s the website tigerforcerecon.com which is operated by veterans I believe. I’ve used that for photographs before.

There’s a book self-published by the author this year called Tiger Force: Inward Season Three… Over by Leo Heaney. From the description, it looks like he is trying to defend himself and his unit against the allegations of war crimes that have been made. That bias is important when reading.

I would also look through the Notes section in Tiger Force by Sallah and Weiss to find any other sources you could access.

Other than newspaper articles originating with the reporting of The Toledo Blade, I’m not sure there’s too much more out there.