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Operation Union

Dates: 21APR1967 – 17MAY1967

Area of Operations: Que Son Valley of Quang Nam and Quang
Tin Provinces, I Corps

Allied Units: USMC 1st Division, 1st Battalion and 2d
Battalions 1st Marines, 1st and 3d Battalions 5th Marines; 1st ARVN Ranger

Allied Casualties: 110 KIA, 473 WIA, 2 MIA

Enemy Units: 3d PAVN Regiment

Enemy Casualties: 865 KIA

Objective: Search and destroy Communist strongholds in Que
Son Valley; Gain control of Que Son Valley

Significance/Notes: A major battle of the operation was
fought at Hill 110. Followed by Operation Union II a couple weeks after the
conclusion of Union. The US 5th Marines received the Presidential Unit Citation
for their actions during Operation Union.


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