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Operation Starlite

Dates: 17AUG1965 – 24AUG1965

Area of Operations: Van Tuong Peninsula, 16 miles south of Chu Lai; I Corps

Allied Units: USMC 3d Battalion 3d Marine Regiment, 2d Battalion 4th Marine Regiment, 3d Battalion 7th Marine Regiment

Allied Casualties: 45 KIA; 120 WIA

Enemy Units: VC 1st Regiment

Enemy Casualties: 614-700 KIA

Objective: To rid the Van Tuong peninsula of the Viet Cong 1st Regiment, as they were a significant threat to the Chu Lai base, with a hammer and anvil attack using amphibious and heliborne forces.

Significance/Notes: Starlite was the first decisive action between American and Viet Cong forces. The operation was prompted when a Viet Cong prisoner said that there was a planned attack on the Chu Lai airfield. Because Starlite was the first large action against the enemy and ended successfully, it served at a huge confidence and morale boost for the troops. 


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