vietnamwarera: A letter left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial,…


A letter left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, presumably at (or near) its dedication on November 13, 1982.

The letter reads:

Dear David,

It has been a long time and I still think of you often.

I thought you would like to know they closed our high school last year, a big “last time celebration” for everyone. David your class didn’t forget you buddy, a special ceremony was held in your honor. Yours and Staley, he is a few panels from you. I have left him a shirt this morning also.

David, this country did try to forget you for many years. Things have changed. They are beginning to understand, but no, we can not let them forget, or else they will do it again.

I dropped my singing scholarship after you and Staley were KIA. Just didn’t seem right anymore. Hell I still can’t sing, everytime I do a lump gets caught in my vocal cords. Damn the 3 of us were great.

I know you are ok where you are for you believed. Just sing “Old Man River” with me this morning, I know Ronnie will join us.

Love you,