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Operation Cedar Falls

Dates: 8JAN1967 – 27JAN1967

Area of Operations: Iron Triangle and Thanh Dien Forest Reserve; Binh Duong Province, Hau Nghia Province, Tay Ninh Province; III Corps

Allied Units: US Army 2d & 3d Brigades 1st Infantry Division, 3d Brigade 4th Infantry Division, 1st Division 26th Infantry, 199th Light Infantry Brigade, 196th Infantry Brigade, 173d Airborne Brigade, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment; ARVN 5th Division; VN Navy 3d Riverine Company

Allied Casualties: US 72 KIA, 337 WIA; RVN 11 KIA, 8 WIA

Enemy Units: VC 165th Regiment, 272d Regiment

Enemy Casualties: 720-750 KIA, 280-488 POW

Objective: Search and destroy VC elements near Saigon

Significance/Notes: Operation Cedar Falls was a two phase operation using the hammer and anvil tactic. During the operation, American forces found a widespread and intricate tunnel complex. In the end, Cedar Falls seemed to have little to no long lasting effects on the VC presence in the Iron Triangle area.


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