Do you have any lesser known fiction/movies to recommend about the Vietnam War? Maybe something from a Vietnamese perspective?

For fiction from the perspective of North Vietnamese, check out this post: Let’s Talk Books (8).

I’ve heard really good things about The Sympathizer and The Refugees by Viet Thanh Nguyen. Both are on my wishlist.

I don’t read much fiction about the war though, I’ll admit. The ones I have read are the big names, like The Things They Carried. I wouldn’t feel comfortable actually “recommending” books or even movies if I haven’t read or seen them myself. 

That being said I do like checking out Goodreads lists. This is one on Popular Vietnam War Fiction.

For lesser known films, I haven’t seen any from a Vietnamese perspective but I did enjoy Rescue Dawn and Tigerland. Wikipedia also has a list of the Vietnam War in Film.

I was also asked about movies several years ago and followers replied with a lot of movies (and TV shows) they liked. Check it out.