From the source: Grethe Cammermeyer joined the army as a nurse…

From the source:

Grethe Cammermeyer joined the army as a nurse in 1961 and served in Vietnam 1967-1968. When she came out publicly as a lesbian in 1989 after nearly three decades in the army and army reserves, she was kicked out. After successfully suing the military, she returned to the reserves and retired as a Colonel in 1997. (Photo courtesy of Grethe Cammermeyer.)

Margarethe Cammermeyer was born in Oslo, Norway in 1942 under Nazi occupation. Her parents were part of the Norwegian underground. The family immigrated to the United States in 1951. 

Her service in Vietnam was with the 24th Evacuation Hospital at Long Binh as head nurse of a medical unit for fourteen months. She then served eight months as head nurse of a neurological intensive care unit.

Cammermeyer came to the realization that she was a lesbian some time after divorcing her husband of fifteen years. During an interview to receive top security clearance, she told interviewers that she was a lesbian. This resulted in her discharge. As stated above, she successfully sued the military and was reinstated into the National Guard.

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Serving in Silence was made into a television movie starring Glenn Close.

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