newhistorybooks:“Psychological warfare (PSYOP) has always played…


“Psychological warfare (PSYOP) has always played an important role on the battlefield. In this important and well-researched study, Mervyn Roberts explores PSYOP techniques employed by the United States in Vietnam through the 1968 Tet Offensive and concludes that while these registered considerable success, this went for naught given the US decision to depart Vietnam.”

A lot of people in the past have asked me about PSYOP, and from what I can tell, this looks like a great book to read for those interested in the topic. This isn’t just about the psychological operations themselves, but also how they were impacted by the broader context of the Cold War.

The Psychological War for Vietnam, 1960-1968 by Mervyn Edwin Roberts III is on my wishlist and I think it should be on yours too.