hi! i was looking through your vietnam war tag (i must admit that whenever an interest of mine flares up i immediately scour your tags to see if you have any information or books on it) and was fascinated by the books you have recommended. i’ve read tim o’brien, and i want to become more familiar with the war and in particular what was happening in america–the protests, the music, the conspiracy theories, basically america’s reaction. would you recommend the ken burns doc book, or another?

The Ken Burns doc (and book) are a good starting place if you want a really broad overview of what was going on at home and on the ground in Vietnam. If you’re more interested in the political shitshow in Washington that caused all this in the first place, Karnow’s book is better. If you’re more curious about New Left politics and the anti-war movement I’d suggest Todd Gitlin’s book, The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage. A lot of people have argued with Gitlin’s particulars, but the book gives you a good idea what it was like to be young, political, and pissed off during this particular conflict.