Honor Flight brings vets to “Remembering Vietnam” at National Archives



Edward C. Brandol, a Vietnam Veteran, talks with Curator, Alice Kamps, during the public opening of the National Archives’ “Remembering Vietnam” exhibit. Brandol and a large group of Vietnam Veterans hosted by Utah Honor Flight travelled to Washington, DC to be the first group of its kind to see the exhibit. 

“Remembering Vietnam” explores 12 critical episodes in the Vietnam War. It seeks to answer questions about this period in American history such as “Why did the U.S. become involved in Vietnam?”, “Why was the war so long?”, and “Why was it so controversial?”

It is important to answer these questions. The sacrifices made by veterans and their families, the magnitude of death and destruction, and the war’s lasting effects require no less. 

“Remembering Vietnam” is a resource for refreshing our collective memory. Iconic and recently discovered National Archives records trace the policies and decisions made by the architects of the conflict. Its collection of evidence provides an opportunity for new insight and greater understanding of one of the most consequential wars in American History. 

“Remembering Vietnam,” which opened today, will be on exhibit until January 9, 2019.


Today marks the opening of the National Archives’ new exhibit, “Remembering Vietnam.” Archivist of the United States David S. Ferriero, a Vietnam veteran himself, was a driving force behind the exhibit. In this photo, HM2 Ferriero stands outside his bunker at First Medical Battalion, Danang, Vietnam, 1970.

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