vietnamwarera:Draft card, 1970


Draft card, 1970

Oh man, hope you get out of that mindset soon! As for questions, I’ve read the practice of fragging was mostly among rear lines personnel, meaning that the usual “inept and cruel officers getting their just deserved” narrative was all wrong, what do you know about that?

What I’ve heard is that it often occurred in rear areas, not necessarily that it was rear lines personnel. Looking into it now that it seems you’re right. To me it sounds like a similar situation to personal acts of racism in Vietnam. Those on the front lines had bigger things to worry about, and had to rely on each other. In the rear, tensions could escalate over disputes.

One book I’m adding to my wishlist now is Fragging: Why US Soldiers Assaulted Their Officers in Vietnam by George Lepre. 

An article in Foreign Policy summarizes some of Lepre’s findings. This includes: “Most fragging occurred in the noncombat support units in the rear, not in front-line combat units. (p. 31)”

Any Info on , Shriver, Jerry Michael, MSG with MACV-SOG

Check out the following:

MSG Jerry Shriver served three years in Vietnam. He went MIA on 24 April 1969. There was later a presumptive declaration of death. His body has never been recovered.

My dad was an F-4 Crew Chief with the USAF 433rd TFS, 1969-’70 in Thailand. What can you tell me about the 433rd in this era? Thanks!

Part of the 8th Tactical Wing, the 433rd Tactical Fighter Squadron operated out of Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base from December 1965 until July 1974. The squadron flew McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantoms. The 433rd achieved 12 MiG kills during its deployment.

There’s not as much information as I thought there might be but I will continue looking.

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vietnamwarera: From the source: Bong Son Village, Thailand….


From the source:

Bong Son Village, Thailand. First Lieutenant Linda J. Bowser, an Air Force nurse with the 8th TFW [Tactical Fighter Wing] Med-Cap team, examines a Thai girl. 1/10/1974

From the source: The 38th Inf Plt Scout Dogs are attached to…

From the source:

The 38th Inf Plt Scout Dogs are attached to the U.S. 25th Inf Div at Cu Chi in the Republic of Vietnam and are used on all types of combat operations, detecting enemy, ambushes, mines, booby and punji traps. The patrol moves down a road and are framed by overhanging bushes.

19 August 1966

Photo by SFC Peter P. Ruplenas

vietnamwarera: AND HERE’S ONE for all those brave boys of the…


AND HERE’S ONE for all those brave boys of the Tropic Lightning Division. Sexy Cris Cranston thanks 1st Lieutenant Alfred Little of the 25th Aviation Battalion for the chopper ride during a recent USO tour with Johnny Grant.  Rumor has it that Cris’ other assets may be viewed in next months’ Playboy centerfold. [Source]

You ever play Rising Storm 2 at all? Probably the only game ever where the ANZAC get represented

Isn’t it only multiplayer? Not really my thing, though I’ve watch a couple people play it.

Southeast Asia: Building the Navy’s Bases

Southeast Asia: Building the Navy’s Bases:

This is the link to the entirety of the 400+ page book Southeast Asia: Building the Navy’s Bases by Richard Tregaskis.